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         Week 1: Website Topics

         My website ideas:

    1.) A photography site for myself. I've done a couple of specific galleries on other websites, but not a website devoted entirely to photographs I've taken. I especially love taking close-ups of flowers. I also like taking nature pictures outside. And last, but not least, I take a lot of pictures of my pets.

  2.) A website devoted to rescue animals, i.e. adopting from an animal shelter, rather than buying a dog or  cat from pet stores, that can quite often be perpetrating puppy mills (in the case of dogs). I've always wanted to do something of this nature, so this might be a good class to do it in. I could showcase some of the organizations, such as the Humane Society, local animal shelters, and sanctuaries such as Best Friends (they do the "Dogtown" shows).  The scope could be very large, but I would keep it to the 10 pages.

  3.) A website about butterflies. I love butterflies and have a lot of different "butterfly themed" items, such  as collector plates, collector ornaments, jigsaw puzzles, decals on my car, crystals, stained glass, and books about butterflies. I also have some real mounted butterflies. Plus I've done some butterfly themed computer art.

  4.) A website for the nail salon that I go to: Angel Nails They would like a website to get their presence on the web, and to hopefully draw in more customers. This will be a free of charge site, because, 1. I promised them I'd do it, and 2. It will hopefully look good in my portfolio.

  Those are my ideas, and out of all of them I think I will do the last one, # 4.














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