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Boo, the Rescued Kitty
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This page is going to be about Westbrook Animal Refuge League.

Boo came from the Westbrook Animal Refuge League here in Maine.  When I first saw Boo, a seal point Siamese, I wasn't that interested, unlike my husband, Rich, who knew right away that he should come home with us. After the staff let us visit with Boo in a seperate room where we got to hold him and pet him, I was convinced that Boo was the kitty we had been looking for as well. He was as different from Tia as could be; different appearance, sex, personality, and weight. Tia weighed 6 1/2 pounds all her life, whereas Boo weighs 12 pounds...yeah, he's a BIG boy. I would be able to enjoy the company of a cat, and not be reminded of Tia all the time.

The Westbrook Animal Refuge League is the main animal shelter in Southern Maine. They have dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, and birds. They perform a good service for the community, if you're interested in learning about animal shelters in your area, click here.

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boo's eyes
The eyes, truly are, the windows to the soul.

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