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"You haven't lived until you've been owned by a Pug!!"

  • Are you looking for a dog that will make you laugh?
    Then a Pug may be good for you - they are natural clowns and show offs.

  • Are you looking for a dog that is good with children?
    Then a Pug may be good for you as they seem to consider children to be "Pug-sized" people.

  • Are you looking for a dog as a companion to your kids, to run after them on their bikes up the street?
    You should pass on Pugs - their sensitivity to heat and small size makes that almost a certain death situation.

  • Do you want a small watch dog for an apartment situation?
    MAYBE a Pug can work - but it's not usual. Most Pugs won't know a stranger in their entire lives, let alone recognize a burglar.

  • Do you want an easy to train dog?
    Pugs don't normally fall into that category in general - because usually they want very much to please you, but sometimes it takes a Pug longer than other breeds to understand what you want (or maybe, longer for you to understand what they're going to do!).

  • Do you want a short haired dog because it will shed less?
    Then run, don't walk, away from the Pug breed. This breed sheds copious amounts, usually seasonally.

  • Do you want a dog that's almost human-like in personality?
    Then consider a Pug, as Pugs have more personality than they know what to do with!
So a Pug may not be for everyone, but it may be for you!

(Reprinted with special permission from MRC Enterprises and Marcy B. Heathman from http://www.pugs.com)

Copyright © 2007 May Hegarty. All Rights Reserved.
Yoda and Ivy
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