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QUESTION: Do Pugs really snore that much, or that loudly?
ANSWER: In a word, yes. Almost every Pug snores, and usually it's not as loud as a person, but it can easily be mistaken for someone snoring. Pugs snort, snarfle and snore and often will pass a lot of gas too. Expect them to be noisy dogs, but not barkers.

QUESTION: Why do Pugs have flat faces and lots of wrinkles?
ANSWER: Because a long time ago someone decided that Pug faces should be as flat as possible. The wrinkles are there because the Chinese emperors wanted lucky symbols on the dogs foreheads, and wrinkles were the best way to get them.

QUESTION: How much daily care do they actually require then?
ANSWER: Really not that much. On a weekly basis, you should brush their coat, keep their faces clean and check their eyes for problems. Must Pugs take about 20 minutes a week per dog. Monthly, you should also trim their toe nails, and maybe give them a bath if they need it. Lots of people find using a shedding comb monthly greatly reduces the amount of hair that turns up on their clothes and carpets.

QUESTION: How long do Pugs normally live?
ANSWER: Being a small breed, healthy Pugs normally live from 12 to 14 years, but can live for many more. Becoming a Pug owner becomes a long-term commitment when you realize that you can have a Pug for as long as your children are going to school!

QUESTION: Do Pugs really like to dress up in costumes like I see in all the pictures?
ANSWER: Actually, they usually do. Pugs are very extroverted dogs, and do just about anything for a laugh from their people. If they discover that wearing a costume makes you happy, they'll do it. If it gets them laughter and applause and more attention, that's even better!

QUESTION: Will everyone tell me my Pug is "so ugly it's cute?"
ANSWER: Yes, probably many times. Some people just don't appreciate the good looks of a nice pug. Some people don't appreciate Picasso's or Van Gogh's works, either.

(Reprinted with special permission from MRC Enterprises and Marcy B. Heathman from http://www.pugs.com)

Copyright © 2007 May Hegarty. All Rights Reserved.
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